The knowledge of the ``terroir``, the enhancement of the diversity of grape varieties, the qualitative attention to all stages of the production process are the elements that characterize the Arriali winery project.

 Arriali winery was founded in 2018 in Iglesias, in Southern Sardinia, in the area called S'Arriali.
The project conceived by the Oenologist Paolo Pitzolu, aims to create wines that are born from the combination of vineyards, selected in different areas particularly suited for each single variety and from the use of personalized winemaking techniques for each type of grape, thus trying to obtain a unique balance and complexity in the final product.
Paolo, after graduating in Viticultural and Oenological Sciences and an International Master in Oenology, expands his wine making knowledge, through direct experiences, in different production contexts such as Italy, France, Argentina, Chile and South Africa.

He returns to Sardinia to carry out his personal project, where the wines are produced in small quantities, the result of extreme care and meticulous work from the vineyard to the bottle, following the selection of the most suitable grape varieties for those production areas. With this approach, wines without dogma will be born, the best winemaking techniques will be customized for each variety harvested and trying to create products with strong personality and complexity.