The Project

The project is strongly oriented towards the enhancement of autochthonous and international varieties that reflect the unique identity of our territory. The creation of the wines takes place by combining different vineyards, in fact the grapes come from different areas of Sardinia, where the uniqueness of each territory with its own pedo-climatic characteristics, allows for the personality, complexity and quality of the final product to be obtained. Then the cellar is transformed into an oenological laboratorythrough which wines without dogmas are born, selecting the best winemaking techniques, tailor-made for each variety harvested, trying to create something different, unique.

Each harvest is a white canvas where you can paint and tell your territory and your experiences.

The grapes are currently vinified with red varieties such as Carignano del Sulcis, Monica, Syrah, Merlot and white varieties such as Vermentino and Moscato.

Current production is 5.500 bottles of which 1.300 bottles for each type of wine.

The entire production is personally conducted by the enologist, starting from the selection of the best grapes in the vineyard, through the entire vinification process in the cellar, up to the marketing of the bottles.

Making wine is a sense to belong to a place and try to tell it in the best possible way.